Season 1, Episode 7

Engineering Your Resources

KDC Group

In this episode, we meet Pete Burden, CEO of the KDC Group. 

KDC is a project outsourcing and resources management provider to the Aerospace and Defence sectors. It has two distinct arms to its business: KDC Projects is an engineering consultancy business and KDC Resource provides skilled engineering personnel to fulfil permanent and contract requirements. 

We talk to Pete about how the last 12 months has impacted on his business, what are some of the challenges he has overcome in building the business to where it is today and how he sees the next 12 months as the aerospace sector in particular struggles to recover from a deeply damaging pandemic.

We also discover why the recording of this particular podcast was delayed, and a surprising hobby that keeps Pete busy.

Enjoy the podcast. 

Hosts & Guests

Simon Harrison

Pete Burden, KDC Group


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KDC Aerospace

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