Season 1, Episode 5

Fish and Chips Friday

Engineering News 23/04/21

This is our fortnightly round-up of all things engineering-related. We’ve pulled together a selection of news stories that have caught our eye in the last 14 days, and that you may have missed.  

In this episode, we discuss the latest report from the CBI on the UK Manufacturing sector covering the 1st quarter of 2021. It’s an encouraging picture with optimism across the board for future growth in the sector. In addition we look at the engineering feat that is the new Dreadnought Nuclear Submarine programme run by BAE and the contribution it is making, and will continue to make, to the UK manufacturing industry.    

The other exciting revelation to come out from this episode is the fact that the fish and chips actually arrived this week, which was definitely ‘batter’ news all round! Enjoy the podcast.

Hosts & Guests

Simon Harrison

Jim Howes


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