Season 1, Episode 11

Making Automation Work for your Business

MTC Special Series – 3 of 3

Automation has been proven to increase a company’s level of competitiveness, profitability and productivity, yet it’s apparent the UK in general lacks behind in the uptake of these technologies. To help UK industry develop and implement automation systems, the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) offers support and practical advice to manufacturing companies.

In this final episode in our series on automation, we again talk to two of the MTC’s leading automation specialists Philip Jackson and Sylvain Briand, to discover how the MTC can help companies make automation work for them.

Different companies have different requirements from automation, so we explore how to make sure your company’s production methods are compatible. We also look at how an SME can assess whether a specific set of tasks are suited for automation, and what skillsets are required to make automation a success.   

Finally, we discuss what are the critical elements that your company should include when you are specifying your automation requirements.

The MTC is part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult – this is an initiative supported by Innovate UK and consists of 7 technology and innovation centres across the UK with a vision to work with companies of all sizes to bridge the gap from concept to commercialisation. All the centres offer access to leading edge equipment, expertise and an environment for industry collaboration.

Enjoy the episode!

Hosts & Guests

Zoe Howes

Philip Jackson – Product Technical Manager MTC

Sylvain Briand – Business Development Director MTC

Automation in Manufacturing

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