Season 1, Episode 1

Rising to the Challenge


You could be forgiven for assuming 2020 was probably a year to forget for many manufacturing companies. However, Aish Technologies, under the stewardship of Ric Elkington, has very much bucked the trend and undergone a transformation in terms of its approach, its people and its results.

In this episode Ric gives an insight into what the company looked like when he joined, what challenges he faced and how he went about turning the company around. There were some tough decisions to be made, including redundancies, however with a steely determination to match customer expectations, and a willing workforce who Ric recognised as world-class right from the start, Aish has become a model manufacturing company equipped for the future.

We also learn more about Ric himself – an ex-helicopter engineer in the Royal Navy with a fascination for triathlons, and how he values honesty, trust and open communication above everything else.

Hosts & Guests

Rik Elkington

Simon Harrison


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About This Episode

Aish Technologies is a Tier 2 supplier to the world-wide Defence industry. The Company has been in existance since 1888, and is currently a part of the world-wide AGI Holdings Group. Over the last few years, Aish has undergone some significant changes, with new ownership, a new management team, worldwide defence cuts and of course the current challenge of the COVID19 pandemic. We talk to Rik about his role in transforming Aish from falling sales and rising costs, to a record year in 2020. Hear how the new management team has increased efficiency, cut unnecessary costs and completely transformed the workforce, including promoting a number of women into high profile mangement positions. The story of Aish is one of resilience, tough decisions and a desire to turn the company around.  

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