About Us

About The Engineering Growth podcast

If you are an engineer, and you’re interested in helping your company to grow, then you’ve arrived at the right place! Join us as we meet leaders and influencers from the world of engineering to share experiences and learn from our peers.

Our Goals and Vision

We love helping engineering companies to grow. It’s a simple philosophy and we don’t see the need to complicate it with jargon, or bullshit!

The idea for the podcast is to talk to people that are involved in the engineering sector about how they have overcome challenges, solved problems in their businesses and achieved success themselves, in the hope that it inspires others to do the same.  

We understand there are many facets of engineering, and one person’s widgets are very different from anothers. By concentrating on the human element we hope this cuts through those complexities and provides common sense advice on how to grow your business.   

Our Story

With our collective experience in manufacturing and engineering, the formation of the Engineering Growth podcast was a natural evolution.

In an industrial B2B environment, where the requirements for lead generation, and the sales process, are often very different to many other industries, there is an appetite to share experiences and solutions.

We hope the podcast can shed light on common issues and provide some guidance as to how your engineering business could achieve sustainable growth.

Meet The Hosts

James Howes - Co-Host

James Howes - Co-Host

James Howes has engineering coursing through his blood! Having worked for numerous industrial companies in a variety of sales roles, he taught himself to make corporate videos and has never looked back since. He formed his own video production company and produced multi-media for a number of engineering companies across the UK. James is passionate about using technology to help industrial businesses flourish, and swears by video and animation to help companies communicate their message.  

Simon Harrison - Co-Host

Simon Harrison - Co-Host

Simon Harrison has spent his entire career within the Engineering sector, and definitely knows a thing or two about creating growth opportunities for engineering companies. Having cut his teeth within the Iron and Steel industry, Simon worked for Siemens for 9 years before setting himself up as a marketing consultant for engineering companies. Simon’s speciality is managing all your marketing requirements into a cohesive strategy that delivers on your marketing objectives, with podcasts playing a key role in how you communicate to your customers. 

Zoe Howes - Co-Host

Zoe Howes - Co-Host

Zoe Howes is an accomplished marketing professional, having worked alongside her husband James as a Director for their videography business for many years, before moving into her current role as Commercial Director. Zoe started her career at manufacturing company Schlumberger, before moving on to work for BP for 4 years. Zoe describes herself as a fully fledged nerd, and is never happier than when looking around a traditional widget-making factory! Oh and she also loves to talk, which is handy for a podcast host.

Engineering Growth

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Leaders, influencers and people of interest from the world of engineering, discussing problems and solutions that have challenged them and lead them to achieve sustainable growth with their businesses.